Summer of Mud FAQs


I paid to have my packet mailed and I haven’t received anything yet. When will it be sent?

All packets will be sent 7-10 days before the event.

I can’t make it to the Expo/Packet Pick Up, can you mail me my items?

The mail back option will be available until three weeks before the event, after which we will have closed the mail back option as there will not be enough time to process this change and be sure to get your items to you. However you can pay for the convenience of same day on site pick up at the event venue on the day of the mud run.

What you will need to do is to go to this payment module to submit the funds for this:

Just input the proper amount ($11 for individuals, and $26 for teams, regardless of size) and select the event and input what the funds are for. Then once you get a confirmation send that in an email to and we’ll make the change on your registration record and save you the trip, time and gas of coming to the expo.

Where can I find the Waiver Form and who needs to complete it?

Waiver Form – Irvine Lake Mud Run Saturday, June 16, 2018

It needs to be completed for all team members and given to the Team Captain to pick up the Team’s Packet. If you are not on a team and someone else registered for you and you did not electronically sign the waiver, please download and complete it as well. Parents with minor children should complete the form. Anyone who is having someone go to packet pick up to get their race items should also complete the form and provide it to the person who is picking up your items.

I want to run with my friends or on a team, but that wave time is 100% sold out. What are my options?

A set number of spots are allocated to each wave start time and for each price tier. That is done so that those paying the higher rates will have access to preferred times as well (think of airline pricing…book early to get the best prices on your preferred flight, otherwise you can take a later/earlier flight. You’ll still get there though!!) You have two options, your team/friends can move to a time that is open and available, or you can wait until more spots become available at the next price tier.

Once the last price tier is in effect and sold out there will be no more spots opened, but the team can still switch to an open time. We also limit the number of people on the course at any one time in an effort to reduce bottle necks/jams at obstacles and increase your enjoyment. We do apologize if this creates any problems, but hope you understand we are trying to make the best experience possible for thousands of people!

When is the Irvine Lake Mud Run?
Saturday, June 17, 2017 – 9:00 A.M. with waves starting throughout the day.

How long is the run?
Just over a 5k, more than 3 miles, less than 4.

Who will be benefiting from this run?
Irvine Lake Mud Run will be benefitting Blind Start of America.  Please see the tab on our website for additional information about them.

I am the Team Captain, can I pick up the race numbers (bibs) and t-shirts for my whole team?
We actually expect the team captains to pick up the packets for the whole team, so yes! And we will not give out individual participants items from the team packet if they go to the packet pick up. We have sent out some info to registrants, but if you have recently registered you may not have received it. And we will also ask that the team captains bring in a waiver signed by all of the team (this will be sent out.) The waiver form can be found on the registration page and here Waiver Form – Irvine Lake Mud Run Saturday, June 16, 2018
Forward this link to other participants on your team, and they can scan it and email or fax it to you so you can bring it to the packet pick up. We do this as many team members are entered by the team captain and we have no way of knowing who “signed” and agreed electronically to the waiver.
How many people can be on a team? 
There is NO LIMIT to the number of team members you can have. This can be as few as 2, up to more than 200+ and beyond. Our biggest team was about 250, but we’d love to see any other team out there top that!

When will it start?
The race for individuals starts at 9:00AM promptly. Waves will be split up by age group and gender and spaced 3-5 minutes apart. Additional waves may be added before hand.
Teams will start after that at approximately 10:00am. Teams will be assigned to specific waves.
Open Sized Teams will be grouped into waves and begin anywhere from 10:00am onward, depending on the number and size of teams. Start times could be anywhere within the hour that you choose depending on the number of registered participants. Afternoon waves start after that in the same sequence; individuals, then open sized teams. Wave sizes based on number of entries in each category.
Wave times will be posted on the website approximately one week before event day. Plan to arrive at least one hour prior to your scheduled start time and be in the starting coral area 1/2 hour prior to your wave start. This will also serve to alleviate congestion on Silverado Canyon. The parking lot opens at 6:30 A.M. Feel free to arrive early to relax, stretch, check out the lake, and be prepared without a last minute rush.

Can I volunteer?
Yes, and we appreciate the help. Sign up to volunteer at this link here!

Will there be photos taken?
Yes. Please put your race Numbers on the FRONT of your shirt/costume if you want your pictures from Brightroom Photography. You will be emailed any photos taken of you where your race bib/number is clearly visible in the event photos. Please make sure we have your current email on file too.

What type of race timing system will you use?
We will be using a top of the line RFID race timing system to ensure accurate times.  Each individual runner will receive a single use/souvenir electronic timing strip, which will be attached to your race number. Your time starts when you cross the start line not the gun time.
Note: One electronic timing strip will be given to the team captain for each team. Your team captain’s time determines your team time.

Will teams have to finish the race at the same time?
No. But since you have decided to run as a team, isn’t that the point of sticking together and helping one another out? As the timed teams (10:00am wave) will have one timing chip for the team captain, if you are on a team and want to have a course time for yourself, you will need to start and finish with the team captain.

I’ve never run a mud run, what makes it different from a regular 5k?
A LOT! More people and with professionally built obstacles and multiple mud pits to run, crawl and jump through. Expect to get muddy (over and over again)!

Do I need to know how to swim? 
It is actually illegal to enter the lake, and the mud pits are only a couple of feet deep and easy to wade through. However at the bottom of the water slide obstacle there is a catch basin that may be over your head as the water level varies there. It is an short 10 – 20 foot swim to the exit of the catch pool. If you do not feel comfortable even dog paddling a short distance you are more than welcome to skip the obstacle as it will be at your own risk.

What kind of obstacles will there be?
The obstacles are built by a master craftsman and include jump walls of varying height, tires to step through, ramps to run up and over, cargo nets to climb and crawl under and our amazing Mud Slide! But the “main event” obstacles are the mud pits. And there are a lot of them! More than two dozen of varying size and shape and depth (no swimming needed though.) And some with naturally formed dirt mounds (whoop-dee-doos) and hills. If you are not competitive, don’t worry. While we encourage you to try each obstacle, if it is more fun for you to skip it, we won’t tell. Our course is tough, be we’re all about the fun!

What if I don’t feel comfortable or am not able to attempt/complete an obstacle?
This event is all about fun. While you are encouraged to complete the whole course and do your personal best, we do not have drill sergeants or crazy mad “motivators” belittling you in to doing anything you don’t want to do. Let’s face it, we’re all adults. And you are free to go around and skip any obstacle that you are not comfortable with. Your safety and full enjoyment is our priority.

Will you have showers for us or just a garden hose to rinse off?
We will have over 30 Showers built by professional plumbers.  There are also a number of higher pressure hoses manned by staff to help for a quick rinse off.

Will you have a bag check at the venue?
Yes we will, but, DO NOT have your valuables in the bags, leave them at home. Especially jewelry. There is no charge for this service as it is included with your registration price.

What if it rains?
Better yet. More mud! The Mud Run goes on, rain or shine.

Can we enter the lake water anywhere at Irvine Lake Park?
It is illegal to make contact with Irvine Lake anywhere! Signs are posted, you can be cited and fined for making contact with the water. Please be wise, this is our drinking water, don’t touch the water.

Can we wear costumes in the run?
Go for it! We encourage you to get as creative as you want. Just make sure the costume does not impair your vision, prevent you from breathing normally, or can potentially make you trip or get snagged on an obstacle.

How much does it cost for parking?
Parking is $15 for General, $25 for Preferred or RV’s per car paid directly to parking staff. Please bring exact change; cash only.  Please carpool to help save fuel and space in our lots. Prepaid Parking passes will be available at packet pick up.

Do you have VIP entries?
No. Everyone is treated like a VIP at our race.

Will you have a designated kid’s race course area?
Yes. Our Mud Puddles Kid’s Course is self contained so you can watch your kids easily. Must be over age 2 to run in the kid’s race area.  Registration is $25 either online or the day of the event at the registration/customer care tent.  Official event tshirts will not be given to kids, adults only. All children must be respectful of other children, pushing or splashing will result in being removed from the kid’s race area for the day.

Can I bring my dog? 
Sorry, but the venue contractually does not allow us to allow you to bring pets of any type onto the property.

Who will be exhibiting at your Action Sports & Eco Fair?
Companies that are making a difference or enhancing our lives to make our world a better place. From the latest action sports products to eco-friendly companies making an impact. We guarantee you will pick up some new products to further enhance your active and “green” lifestyle.

Will you have food and beverages available for sale?
Yes, our food vendors will offer a variety of food options. Food and beverage sales start at 7:30AM. Beer will be available from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Recycling bins for plastic and glass beverage bottles will be available.

Will you have a beer garden?
Yes! Quality beers including Michelob Ultra, and others will be poured.  Bring valid ID. 21 and over will be required to wear a wristband to consume alcohol only in the designated beer garden. Please do not even think about drinking and driving. If you need a ride or a cab, just go to our Customer Care Booth and ask!

Are kids allowed to come into the concert and beer garden areas?
Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

How much does it cost for spectators or family to get into the event to just watch?
It is Free to walk around and view the race course. Our Action Sports & Eco Fair and Food & Beverage areas are free as well. Entry into the Beer Garden and After race Mudfest is free for registered runners. We don’t think it’s right to charge people to come and cheer you on!

How much does it cost to get into the Action Sports & Eco Fair?
Our Action Sports & Eco Fair and Food & Beverage areas are all access, no charge to visit these areas.

Will you have entertainment after the race?
Yes, there will be live music following the race and throughout the day. Action sports and eco friendly vendors will be on hand for you to browse their offerings.  And lots of people watching. The main entertainment will be all around you and on the course!

What do I do with all of muddy clothes/shoes after the race?
Bring a water tight/plastic bag to hold your muddy clothes. Check the bag into our complimentary bag check area. We will have a shoe recycling drop off box. Muddy shoes will be collected and cleaned and then donated to a needy cause. Please thank the volunteers that take on this huge task and are doing something to make a difference!

Can I buy merchandise at the Irvine Lake Mud Run?
Yes, we will have Mud Run t-shirts for men and women and other Mud Run products available for sale at the Mud Run merchandise tent right to next to the Customer Care booth.
Got other questions not on here? Please send an email to:  and we’ll get an answer for you.

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Any category that is 100% full cannot be REGISTERED into at the current price level, as it is sold out for the current price tier. Spaces will become available at the next price tier until sold out.This table is UPDATED periodically and any category may be closed without notice due to varying registration patterns. Race numbers/bibs will be given out in your packet that will be coded for each wave starting time. Every participant MUST wear this to enter the starting line area. Anyone without the race number/bib for their wave time will not be allowed into the starting line queue.

If you are wanting to join a team that is in a full wave, you have the option of moving the existing team members to one of the open waves, or waiting until space becomes available at the nest price tier. If you add to a team at a different time, this will be treated as a new separate team and you will be assigned wave bib numbers base on this and will not be participating with the rest of the team. To move the team time, the Team Captain will contact