Photos courtesy of SCS Photoworks

March 14, 2015 Race Day Photos, Click here

June 21, 2014 Race Day Photos, Click here

March 29th, 2014 Race Day Photos, Click here

June 22, 2013 Race Day Photos, Click here



Where to Look for SCS Photoworks?

SCS Photoworks photography teams will capture images from the race (individual and groups) at various points along the course:


1. The start line

2. Mud pits

3. Obstacles

4. At the finish line; and

5. Standing in front of picturesque Irvine Lake


Be sure to wear you bib number on your front side where we can see it, and smile at the finish line! Monday after the race, visit SCS Photoworks to view, share and order your pictures from the 2013 Irvine Lake Mud Run!

Previous Race Photos (Courtesy of Brightroom Photos)

Brightroom, Inc. is an international professional event photography company that enables event participants to view, share and order high quality pictures from sports and corporate events.


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