Summer of Mud Photos

Photos courtesy of SCS Photoworks

Where to Look for SCS Photoworks?

SCS Photoworks photography teams will capture images from the race (individual and groups) at various points along the course:

  1. The start line
  2. Mud pits
  3. Obstacles
  4. At the finish line; and
  5. Standing in front of picturesque Irvine Lake

Be sure to wear you bib number on your front side where we can see it, and smile at the finish line! Monday after the race, visit SCS Photoworks to view, share and order your pictures from the 2013 Irvine Lake Mud Run!

Brightroom, Inc. is an international professional event photography company that enables event participants to view, share and order high quality pictures from sports and corporate events.

Irvine Lake Mud Run Photos

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Any category that is 100% full cannot be REGISTERED into at the current price level, as it is sold out for the current price tier. Spaces will become available at the next price tier until sold out.This table is UPDATED periodically and any category may be closed without notice due to varying registration patterns. Race numbers/bibs will be given out in your packet that will be coded for each wave starting time. Every participant MUST wear this to enter the starting line area. Anyone without the race number/bib for their wave time will not be allowed into the starting line queue.

If you are wanting to join a team that is in a full wave, you have the option of moving the existing team members to one of the open waves, or waiting until space becomes available at the nest price tier. If you add to a team at a different time, this will be treated as a new separate team and you will be assigned wave bib numbers base on this and will not be participating with the rest of the team. To move the team time, the Team Captain will contact